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Wooden Watches

Wooden watches add a classic touch of class with a exclusive, naturalistic twist. 

There are numerous reasons to own a wood watch, some of these: ... The Wooden watches are Stylish, eco-friendly, organic and Unique. You get an Items that is outstanding in different way and a great way to express your self No two watches built with hardwood or Bamboo can ever be the same. Nature is endless in its variety, particularly when it comes to wood grain.
Even if you purchase a production wood watch, most designers join multiple parts of the wood in order to create difference and complement among the components to enhance the natural beauty of the wooden pieces. Bamboo is actually one of the choice woods for creating watches as it is durable, grows fast and generates a lower carbon footprint than most traditional woods. In addition to being more renewable than metal, wood involves less energy than metal when humans rework or machine it. 
The opportunity to wear roughly unique, unusual and uncommon that adds a touch of class and superiority to your wardrobe rarely presents itself anymore in this age of the imitator products that anyone can order. When you drape your wrist with a wood watch, it suddenly becomes an item of admiration and often disbelief. Get used to hearing the refrain “Cool watch, looks like wood...Oh, it really is wood!”
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