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Wooden Band

The feel of fine, crafted Wood beats any artificial material when it comes to Apple Watch Wooden Band, which rest on our wrists almost 24/7.

Inspired by the towering Redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains, ProductsfromNature accentuates the subtle and robust wood grain and textures. In contrast to the dozens of identically machined bands out there, wood creates truly unique pieces.

Plus, our Wooden Band is cool to the touch but not cold like Metal. It feels natural on your wrist. The smooth polish imparts a glossy feeling.

A commitment to sustainability

If you’re environmentally conscious, it may help to know that we care for our All Enviroment too. The hand-crafted wood is also responsibly sourced. You won’t need to completely sacrifice ethical responsibility for one of these bands.

Overall, we make some pretty outstanding bands. Top-notch wood and quality craftsmanship make every band special and unique to the Wearer.